Instantly download Step 3.5 of the 5-Step Sequential Evaluation and begin learning how you can efficiently and accurately handle claims—and win more cases!


This helpful, practical training will enable you to understand and apply the law and SSA’s Step 3.5 guidelines for disability claims. Receive clear guidance to better understand the rules, regulations, and laws dictating the criteria of Step 3.5, as well as know the exceptions and forewarnings that help many claimants.


Gain insightful tips and advice to expedite more cases, based on Terri M. David’s experience as an SSA/OHO adjudicator, decision writer, and national trainer. With this training, you will be more equipped to handle and expedite SSD cases and provide improved service to the American public.


SSD Employers and Managers

This convenient training material and legal resource works to solve training needs while providing benefits and professional development for you, your staff, and potential hires.


Are you and your most productive, experienced employees spending more time researching and providing other employees training than you are focusing on clients? This training allows you to focus on what matters while providing valuable material to employees in need.


Improve your benefits package by providing training and professional development opportunities for employees. Recruit and motivate employees to invest in professional development with training material that includes a quiz and certificate for employees to obtain micro-credentialing!


SSD Professionals

If you need a quick refresher, want to review the basics, or need tips on how to expedite and win more cases, this training will meet your needs. This training provides the basics and an advanced understanding of SSD law from the perspective of SSD adjudicators and professionals.


Learn how to better handle claims and win more cases with training that includes visuals and links to legal references. Learning techniques within the training are based on educational science to help you obtain a better grasp of the material.


With an included checklist, you can quickly and accurately expedite case processing and get paid faster!


Obtain a certificate upon passing a final quiz to increase your credibility.

Step 3.5: Residual Functional Capacity

  • 2      Overview and Value of Training

    2      Why This Training is Important

    3      Step 3.5: Residual Functional Capacity

    13    Exceptions

    14    Forewarnings

    15    Review

    16    Practical Tools

    16    Hypothetical

    17    Expediting Case Processing Time

    18    Action Step

    18    Adjudicators’ Advice

    18    Decision Writers’ Words of Wisdom

    19    References, Rules, and Regulations

    23    Step 3.5 Quick Reference Guide

    25    Step 3.5 RFC Quiz and Certificate