As a consultant, Terri M. David will collaborate with you on improving your Social Security Disability (SSD) systems, procedures, and/or knowledge. Combining her SSA/Office of Hearings Operations (OHO) experience and your personal desire to improve, she can help make a difference in the way your clients are served.


You have the knowledge of what you and your office need. You may already be doing a great job, but Terri M. David can help you take your service and expertise to the next level!


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Please email Terri M. David (Terri@terrimdavid.com) to get started on your 1 hour of Consulting/Coaching.

1 Hour of Consulting/Coaching

  • Terri M. David is a Social Security Disability (SSD) professional and former SSA/Office of Hearings Operations (OHO) Senior Attorney Adjudicator.

    Terri began as an Attorney Decision Writer in Nashville, TN in 2004. She was promoted in 2006 to a position at headquarters in falls Church, VA, where she adjudicated disability claims at the reconsideration level. While there, she began her career as an ODAR/OHO trainer and mentor to new adjudicating attorneys and decision writers.


    In 2007, Terri worked as a Senior Attorney Adjudicator in Houston, TX. There, an opportunity to create training material and provide training to new attorneys and law interns became possible and increased exponentially based on her extensive training in Falls Church, VA. She went on to become a National Decision Writer Trainer in 2008, teaching the basics of the 5-Step Sequential Evaluation and persuasively writing legally defensible Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) decisions.


    Terri began working as a Senior Attorney Adjudicator Trainer in 2010. She trainer new and experienced senior attorneys on how to improve adjudicating disability claims at the hearings level, prior to an ALJ hearing.


    Terri M. David’s SSD training is focused on efficiently and accurately adjudicating disability claims and writing persuasive ALJ decisions. Now, Terri shares years of valuable experience as an adjudicator, trainer, and decision writer through training concentrated on expediting and winning cases, understanding SSD law, and efficiently maneuvering the SSD claims process.

  • Please email Terri M. David (Terri@terrimdavid.com) to get started on your 1 hour of Consulting/Coaching.