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SSD Conferences: Opportunities for Strategic Networking and Enhanced Knowledge

The 40th anniversary of the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives (NOSSCR) conference is held in New Orleans. Coincidentally, it is also restaurant week in New Orleans, so I plan on enjoying some delicious food while learning how I can help my clients become more profitable!

As a Social Security Disability (SSD) entrepreneur, my work is focused on adding value for SSD representatives and getting a better return on my investment (ROI). I have found SSD conferences can either be a waste of time or become a money-making opportunity. It's my responsibility to ensure my time at the conference is well spent.

During a disability conference, a good ROI involves gaining specific knowledge and strategically networking with others. Therefore, in addition to indulging in some good food, I will implement a well-planned agenda during the conference in order to gain knowledge and connect with current and future clients.

Knowledge is Power

NOSSCR’s conference topics can take my clients and me to the next level by providing valuable knowledge of the appeals process. My focus will be on topics and experts who can help me identify more SSD issues at the OHO and federal court level. Being able to identify more issues ensures that I can write strong briefs, improving each time through gained insight. As clients, SSD representatives can win more cases with my improved issue analysis and brief writing skills.

In addition to identifying important issues, I am determined to gain a better understanding of the SSA's appeal process and federal court nuances, which will allow me to be a better advocate for SSD claimants and SSD representatives. Gaining this knowledge is essential to increasing profits for my clients and me, as well as getting the return on my time and effort in attending the NOSSCR conference.

Strategic Networking

As mentioned, during the conference, I will connect with current and future SSD clients. My efforts are deliberately and strategically guided by these questions:

  • Who else can benefit from my OHO adjudication experience?

  • Who needs my brief writing expertise?

  • Which SSD representative can I help have a more pleasant, profitable business?

  • How can I personally thank my existing clients?

With a well-planned conference agenda, I am sure to receive a good return on my investment by equipping myself with knowledge and connecting with the right SSD representatives all while enjoying the wonderful food of New Orleans!

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