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Training Opportunity For American Expats Serving Abroad: Become a Social Security Disability Writer

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Recently, I realized there is an opportunity to create jobs as my business expands. I enjoy creating business and providing solutions for Social Security Disability representatives. If a disability lawyer has a problem, I’ve got the solution! Of course, my focus on solutions isn’t limited to just these talented professionals alone. It came to my attention that I could provide employment for others who are in positions that make it difficult to work. Opportunities exist for spouses/partners of American diplomats to develop and build a career in writing Social Security Disability medical summaries and briefs!

There is a pool of highly educated “trailing spouses” of American diplomats who have been vetted for security, some of whom that have also trained in medicine and law. Yet, this wonderful, safe, educated group of professionals experience difficulty in finding and maintaining work as they move every two years or so. Guess who found a possible solution for them? Through my training, they will be able to hone their skill sets to become qualified Social Security Disability writers! The training is already established—all that is needed is Wi-Fi and a laptop!

This is less about me and more about helping others. Certainly, I am glad to be an entrepreneur with a purpose outside of myself. I am thrilled for this opportunity, and I hope you are, too! If you know anyone who would be interested in becoming a Social Security Disability writer or if you are personally interested, contact me!

Thank you to all the American diplomats that are spreading peace throughout the world!

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